Mission & Values

Project Adventure’s mission is to be the leading organisation in helping others’ use adventure education as a catalyst for personal and professional growth and change.

We are committed to provide comprehensive products and services worldwide, including:

  • Exemplary training which will inspire our clients to develop creative, new applications in their own environments;
  • The highest quality publications in the field;
  • Leadership in the design and installation of Challenge Courses; and
  • The most comprehensive source of products for adventure-based programs.

We are committed to live our vision of excellence by:

  • Promoting the value of diversity;
  • Creating innovative products and services;
  • Designing programs which help groups learn from one another and co-operate to develop healthy communities and environments;
  • Evaluating and continuously refining the impact of our programs and products for quality and safety;
  • Advocating the concept of Challenge by Choice; and
  • Maintaining and open and fun work environment which honours the Full Value Contract.

These values were developed by PA Inc staff, and represent the ideals by which we strive to live and work.

People, Our Greatest Asset

We value the inclusive “we” of PA, develop the significant “I”, and visibly show caring for each other and ourselves.


We purposefully create experiences with an element of risk and an exploration of the unknown, exciting the mind and body while recognising personal choice. We seek to balance the Project and the Adventure.


We are an organisation that requires a free flow of information, equal opportunities for growth and the ideas and opinions of all; learning is our lifeblood.


We take personal pride in our work. Engaged in the process of inquiry and discovery, we seek criticism, accept differences and challenge each other to excellence.


We understand our complete interdependence in the dynamic of maintaining wellness in our business and our person.


We all create Project Adventure, knowing this we hold ourselves and each other accountable for our attitudes, actions and commitments.

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