PX2 is a dynamic program for young adults that helps them see that the beliefs they hold about themselves as learners and individuals has a profound effect on how much of their potential they will eventually realise. It helps them to see that they do have choices and that they can take more control and can create good things to happen in their lives if they want to!

There is widespread recognition in the education community that raising self-esteem and levels of personal efficacy are some of the keys to increasing academic achievement. At the same time, the pressure to raise academic standards makes it vital that the emotional intelligence and coping skills of students are developed alongside their scholastic achievement.

It’s now more important than ever to help students manage their own behaviour and adopt values that support good teaching. Young people are faced with particularly difficult decisions about their future. One of the key factors that will influence these decisions is their level of self-esteem and their expectations of what is possible for them.

In order to do this, schools understand they need to provide young people with techniques to help them think more effectively, to recognise the value of setting goals and how to cope with the pressures they are under. To assist teachers with this change we have partnered with The Pacific Institute who has developed programs built on the best academic research from the field of cognitive psychology and on studies of the way that high performers learn and think. Combined with Project Adventure’s specialty in experiential education this information has been translated into a dynamic program called PX2.

Program Outcomes:

  • Improved self image (individual and group)
  • Increased morale and spirit
  • Expanded cultural horizons
  • Improved levels of achievement
  • Increase in responsible behaviour
  • Increased motivation to want to seek employment and further education
  • Recognition of responsibilities
  • Increased productivity
  • Individuals accepting locus of control for their future