Indoor Courses

An indoor challenge course can keep your Adventure program alive all year round! We’ve installed indoor courses in areas where outdoor options are limited, to augment outdoor programs by providing winter or inclement weather options, and in cases where time is a factor (never have to leave the facility).

PA has installed hundreds of indoor courses. We are the most experienced indoor installation experts in our industry. Our engineering expertise allows us to communicate effectively with architects and structural engineers when designing and installing your course, as well as the vision and ability to design unique attachment systems to connect elements to a wide variety of different building and structures. PA brings your program and curriculum into alignment with your new indoor challenge course.indoor course

Most elements in indoor courses are vertical climbing elements – different from the traversing elements that are most common in outdoor courses. These elements can be conveniently raised out of the way using haul systems or removed in multi-use facilities. PA has developed many new and unique elements that work extremely well indoors; ask about the Swingshot, the floating Space Station Rappel, or the time-honoured Eagle’s Nest or Portable Pamper Pole.

Prior to the installation of an indoor course, we will need to perform a visual site inspection. Please contact us if you wish to further investigate the installation of an indoor course at your facility.