Tree Courses

Some feel that trees are more aesthetically appealing than other challenge course options because the setting is natural and course elements are more hidden. In addition, trees provide protection from the heat of the sun and other weather extremes. Tree courses provide a rich opportunity for participants to appreciate and enjoy being in a comforting pristine setting, which often leads to an increased environmental awareness.601018_381366301960929_341601621_n

Our 25+ years of experience and affiliation with a number of arborists has shown that, over time, trees adapt very well to the addition of bolts, staples and other hardware. Although the hardware used has some impact on tree health, our installation techniques are designed to ensure long-term tree health. A tree course can and will last a long time, but diligent care of the elements, trees and the surrounding environment is vital. We can work with you in keeping your course in tip top shape. A physical site evaluation by our crew will help determine the feasibility and potential layout of tree courses.