Choosing Project Adventure – What you get

The best challenge course is not necessarily the largest, the flashiest or even the most expensive. The best courses and, more importantly, the best programs, are designed to meet the educational needs of the participant groups. This is how our many years of experience provides the most value – building courses that are closely aligned with the educational goals of your program.

We have developed solutions for:

  • Limited outdoor spaceEnosburg Falls 8 (Medium)
  • Indoors
  • Challenging and difficult terrain
  • Multi year ‘staged’ installation to accommodate budge/grant allocations
  • A large variety of programming challenges
  • Schools, church groups, youth programs, recreation centres, outdoor education centres, Scouts, Girl Guides, military, and more!


Our goal as the leading Adventure education organization is to continue this pattern of product improvement and innovation. In the last few years alone, our designers, installers and collaborative partners have created new and innovative elements: Quadrophenia, Go 4 It, Space Station, Tandem Zip Wire, Helix Tower, Freestanding Wall, Wallenda Walk, Islands-in-the-Sky, Matrix, Step of Faith, Swingshot and Team Triangle.

Developing and delivering innovative products has been a hallmark of PA since we began building challenge courses in 1971. We are proud of our creative achievements. Our active R&D program has developed products that are widely recognized as the best in the industry, including a line of belay pulleys (K-1, K-2) and a shear reduction device (Klinesaver). More recently, climbing equipment such as the LEAP Anchor, mechanical advantage and lift systems for accessibility, and the SAFER Lanyard have been designed and brought to the market.


PA warranties all parts and materials used in the installation of the challenge course for a period of two years from the date of completion (exclusive of excessive use or abuse of wood products, climbing hardware and rope). It is your responsibility to obtain qualified professional instruction in the safe and proper use of your challenge course and associated technical gear.

As a founding member of the Association for Challenge Course Technology, Project Adventure are at the forefront of challenge course safety and design. In Australia, we adhere to the ACCT standards for challenge course installation, adapting only those which are superseded by Australian guidelines.

Please contact us should you require more information on our warranties and commitment to safety.