Pole Courses

If appropriate trees are not available and you want to run groups in the601006_381366001960959_1577992239_n outdoors, a utility/telegraph pole course will be your best choice. Challenge courses installed on poles have many benefits, including the ability to custom design for specific configurations or space sizes.

We can fit a standard layout or custom-designed pole course to any configuration you have in mind, in any area that is available. A pole course in a wooded setting blends the best attributes of both mediums. Some of the main advantages of pole courses are:

  • Longevity: Pole courses generally last much longer than tree courses since they do not depend on tree health. Poles do not grow over hardware, develop diseases, fall or die.
  • Lower maintenance costs: Over the life of the elements, pole courses are a better long-term investment, though the initial cost is higher.
  • Freedom of design: Poles give you the greatest flexibility and variety of element configurations in meeting your program and site needs.
  • Targeted Designs: We can design a pole course to maximize the use of a limited site while incorporating the needs of a program.

If you have an open space that is free of under- or above-ground utilities and rock outcroppings, then a pole course may be the best option. It should also be noted that the ‘footprint’ of the pole course is not just where the poles will be stood – extra room is required for supporting guy cables.