The design phase of installing a challenge course is the most important. By now, the client has been in touch with the crew at Project Adventure and the discussions have commenced in relation to what you want installed. Various options and ideas, such as whether the course will be in trees, on poles, high, low, peak activities, individual activities, sequenced and a whole host of other things will be discussed and decided upon. It will be at this stage as well that one of the crew will drop in to say g’day and have a look at the proposed site. This will give us a better understanding of where you want things placed, and whether it is actually feasible to do so.

Following these discussions, a quote will be written up and sent to the client. This will outline costs and will also provide a host of additional information, including drawings and site plans, for review. Following receipt of the quote, the client then sources funding and either agrees to go ahead with the installation, or defers until a later date. By now, both the client and the staff at Project Adventure will have a solid understanding of what will be installed and, more importantly, what programs will be implemented using these assets.

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